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SINOTRUK Finance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Finance Company”) was established in October 1987 as a banking financial institution upon the approval of the People’s Bank of China.It is one of the earliest finance companies of enterprise groups in Chinaand is the first finance company opened in China having itsregistered capital ofRMB 2 billion Yuan and its domicile at 777 Hua’ao Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan City.

Over the 29 years since its establishment, SINOTRUK Finance Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business principleof “relying on SINOTRUKand serving SINOTRUK” and fulfilled itsservice promiseof profession, high efficiency, high quality and innovation and has achieved rapid and steady development, its asset size has exceeded 15 billion Yuan, its fund operation ability, profitability, risk control ability, product innovation ability and scientific and technical support ability have been enhanced significantly, and its main business indexes are in the top rank ofthe various finance companies in Shandong.The main business includes the centralized operation and management of domestic and foreign currency funds of Group Company, settlement, financing and bill discount services, etc. of member units, business within financial industry, loan and confirming storage business of upstream and downstream enterprises of Group Company, etc., its service range covers the whole industrial chain of SINOTRUK.

SINOTRUK Finance Companydedicatesitself to developinginto a financial service platform of SINOTRUK, makingthe “SINOTRUK Finance” brand bigger and stronger, and providingfull-range high-quality financial services to SINOTRUK and the upstream and downstream enterprises.

Supplier loan means that the supplier,as a product supplier, namely seller for the member units of SINOTRUK,applies to Finance Company for financing,based on the receivables generated by the product salesand service contracts signed with the member units of SINOTRUK at present or in the future, the Finance Company charges the corresponding financing interest from the supplier monthly after thefinancing fundis given out, and the supplier repays the financing principal by its sales revenue after the expiration of period. The Finance Company provides unified credit to the supplier handling loan business, the credit period is not more than 1 year in principle, the financing amount is not more than 30% of the annual product supply amount in principle, and favorable loan interest rate can be provided according to the product supply amount and credit situationof the supplier.

Business Advantages:

1. Low financing cost: the Finance Company adopts loan interest rate with high quality and preferential price on the basis of thecredit ratingof the supplier; compared with bank loans, there is no additional conditions and costs.

2. Quick approval process:the Credit Investment Banking Department of Finance Company will report the credit business of the supplier to the Company’s loan approval meeting, and the approval period is not more than 1 week.

3. Simple formality: the supplier only needs to provide real and valid basic materials and presentation of situation of product supply to the member units of SINOTRUKin recent two years.

4. Without real estate mortgage: the supplier can apply for loan business without providing mortgage of any land, house property, mechanical equipment and other real estates.

5. Flexible adjustment of credit line: the loan credit line of the supplier can be adjusted flexibly according to the situation of product supply and the amount of payable accounts to meet the financing needs of the supplier.

6. Repayment and loan at any time and reutilization: the supplier’s loan can be repaid and obtained at any time, and the credit line can be reused.

7. Professional services: the professional service team and the customer managers who are all financial and accounting graduates provide you with intimate and professional loan and bill services.

Applicant Conditions:

1. Independent legal entity with business registration in accordance with laws;

2. Long-term and stable supply relationship with the member units of SINOTRUK, stable supply amount and reliable product quality;

3. Good enterprise credit record;

4. Other conditions required by Finance Company.

Brief process of supplier loan business:

Business Contact Means:

Credit Investment Banking Department

Contact persons: Zhao Xin, Zhang Qin

Telephone / Fax: 0531-58062532, 58062669

Office address: SINOTRUK Science and Technology Building, No. 777 Hua’ao Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan City


Bill discount refers to the behavior that the bill bearer transfers the undue commercial bill endorsement to the discount clerk (i.e. the Finance Company), the discount clerk calculates and deducts the discount interest on the basis of discount interest rate and pays the discount amount to the discount applicant. The commercial bills mainly refer to the bills issued by the drawer for the member units of SINOTRUK.

Brief process of discount business:


Business Contact Means:

Bill Center

Contact persons: Li Yuechen, Zheng Yuankun

Telephone / Fax: 0531-58062417, 58062534

Office address: SINOTRUK Science and Technology Building, No. 777 Hua’ao Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan City

Confirming storage business means that the dealer deposits a certain proportion of margin to the margin account opened at Finance Company and applies to issue the electronic bank acceptance bill used specially for product payment to the main business unit based on the purchase and sale relationship between each business unit of SINOTRUKand the dealer on the basis of the triple cooperation agreement signed by the main business unit, dealer and Finance Company.

Brief process of confirming storage business:


Business Contact Means:

Bill Center

Contact: Xi Wenxiao, Zhang Peizhuang

Telephone/fax: 0531-58062537, 58062417

Address: SINOTRUK Science and Technology Building, No. 777 Hua’ao Road, High-tech Zone, Jinan City

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