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CCTV-4 Tells the Story of SINOTRUK on Challenging the Impossible
Column:Corporation News   Release time:2016/10/26 17:33:43

   It covered 1 million kilometers within only 26 months! It is almost impossible for a heavy-duty truck in the past, but one truck manufactured by Sinotruk completed such amazing mileage that is impossible in the past on July 1, 2016.

   CCTV-4 Across China broadcast the program of Impossible Challenges on October 17, 2016.  It shows the way of Sinotruk to self-dependent innovation by self-reliance and diligence through several stories of Sinotruk in challenging the impossible.

   Over the past 60 years, Sinotruk Group, from carriage to chariot, from motor repair shop to benchmarking enterprise of Chinese heavy-duty trucks, has manufactured the first heavy-duty truck Huanghe JN150, developed and manufactured the first 88 independent suspension and all-wheel drive heavy-duty off-road military vehicle Huanghe JN252 and developed and manufactured transmission case and cab of international level by its spirit of ceaseless self-improvement. Sinotruk has been constantly challenging the seemingly impossible tasks, and depicts magnificent pictures that the Group leads the Chinese heavyy-duty truck technologies to be in the world leading position by self-reliance.




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