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Debut in the World SINOTRUK's Intelligent Pure Electric Container Truck Carried out the World's First Whole-vessel Operation Successfully
Column:Corporation News   Release time:2020/1/21 15:52:03

On January 17, the 25 unmanned electric container trucks, which were researched and developed jointly by SINOTRUK, Port of Tianjin and TRUNK and reached the world's leading level of automated terminal, carried out the world's first whole-vessel operation successfully in the Port of Tianjin, which set up a "Chinese Model" for the smart upgrading of ports in the world.

The vehicles used for the operation of the world's first unmanned electric container truck were all developed and provided by SINOTRUK, and based on the technical platform of HOWO series, these vehicles were integrated with the world's cutting-edge innovative technologies, such as AI, Internet of Vehicles, cloud computing, new energy and new materials, etc., and realized mass production for the first time in China.  

The successful operation of the whole-vessel marked the first significant breakthrough in large-scale application of SINOTRUK’s unmanned electric container truck, which provided a "Chinese Solution" for the automated container terminal in the world, and contributed the "Chinese Wisdom".

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