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[Hohan N7G Series]  ZZ4255V4246F1C

This vehicle is a new generation of high-end heavy truck product newly developed by SINOTRUK using MAN core assembly technology. Its appearance is high and overwhelming, showing the leadership of the King of Highway. Its excellent power, stable and reliable performance, economy and comfort reach the international level. Its safety, reliability and intelligence level are in line with international standards. There are several personalized configuration options. It is suitable for highly organized transportation and high-end logistics in trunk line swap trailer.

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Hunan Changsha No. 428, Bldg. G25, Xingsha Zhongnan Auto World, Changsha, Hunan (east of 4/F) SanJun,LI 13787009539
Guangdong Guangzhou Room 405, Building D6, Time Rose Garden Residential Quarter,No.3, Huixian Stree, Huangbian North Roa Zhen,YANG 13829734295
Guangdong Shenzhen 26E, Building 2, Modern City - Huating, Junction of Chuangye Road and Nanguang Road, Nanshan Distric XueBin,FU 13590300602
Guangxi Nanning No. 1, Bldg. 12, Yiheyuan Residential Area, No. 13 Anji Road, Nanning, Guangxi GuiHai,LI 13307713757
Hainan Hainan No. 2 Shimao East Road, Binhai Road, Haikou (Rm. B-10F Shimao Yayuan) ZongJin,HU 13707587557
Chongqing Chongqing Rm. 1-1-9-2, 55 Huilong Road, Nanping Town, Nan‘an District, Chongqing Ke,Zhang 18983679966
Sichuan Chengdu Rm. 5-1-6-11, No. 208 Shuhan Road, Chengdu YuZhang,GUO 13880378306
Guizhou Guiyang Room 2-702, Building 12, Shanshui Qiancheng Seven Team, No. 1, Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizh Li,ZHU 13985125287
Yunnan Kunming Room 11-2-2091, Century city - Huanchun Garden,Shopping Mall, Guannan Road, Guandu District, Kunming YuanYI,CHEN 13700679071
Tibet Xining Rm. 2-2062, Residential Building of Retired Cadres, No. 84 Xiguan Street, Xining, Qinghai YongPing,ZHANG 15928538800
Xi‘an Xi‘An 16/F, Kaixin International Mansion, No. 130 Weiyang Road, Xi‘an ZHANG,PengHui 18629099677
Gansu Lanzhou 2/F Commercial Building, No. 939-23 Xijin West Road, Lanzhou, Gansu LI,SongSheng 18560161010
Qinghai Xining Rm. 2-2062, Residential Building of Retired Cadres, No. 84 Xiguan Street, Xining, Qinghai YongPing,ZHANG 15928538800
Ningxia Yinchuan Rm. 3-3-402, Block A, Zaishui Yifang, Lijing Street, Yinchuan HuaXing,WANG 18909509396
Xinjiang Wulumuqi Rm. B-10-CD, Zijin Mansion, No. 475 Weixing Road, (2nd Phase of Development Zone) Toutunhe District, Urumchi HAO,GongXian 18099255408
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