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HOWO T series products, the new generation products with high safety, reliability and economy, are manufactured by SINOTRUK by introducing the German MAN technology, manufacturing equipment and factory inspection standards and combining with Chinese unique situation and over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing heavy-duty trucks.



The cab shows great originality in design and presents strong European style. It conforms to the European truck cab strength standard ECE R29 with the help of its roof, side wall and rear wall which are all made of welded double-layer steel plate bonded by superglue, the floor provided with both the side member and cross member which makes the cab body enjoy high stiffness and strength, and the hollow-out design of inner plate which reduces the cab weight. The cab suspension is of full-floating type, and the pneumatically controlled steering wheel follows the high-efficient human-machine principle. In addition, the berth, 750 mm wide, is the widest in the current domestic medium and heavy-duty truck market. And the berth width of standard cab can be up to 500 mm, creating a comfort and homelike feeling.


Domestically made MAN MC05/MC07 diesel engine is equipped, and with the torque ranging from 570 Nm to 1,250 Nm and the power from 140 Ps to 336 Ps, it can be accelerated faster. With the help of the application of brand-new combustion principle which reduces the fuel consumption and improves the engine efficiency, the engine has very high fuel economy. Meanwhile, its new high-strength material and modularized design not only simplify the engine structure but also enhance the strength of engine block. MC07 series engines adopt integral cylinder head and certain bolting technology, which makes it have high strength, reliability and tightness. The engine cylinder block can be equipped with dry-type cylinder liner or without liner (note: no cylinder liner for 300 bhp and above model). For the engine cylinder block without liner, the liner bore working surface has been honed with ceramics, which achieves optimum wear resistance and fuel consumption. Moreover, MC07 series engines are equipped with the second generation of Bosch common-rail fuel injection system which has better performance. Specifically, the completely enclosed structure makes the crankcase more economical and environment friendly. Depending on the service environment and the quality of fuel and lubricating oil, the maintenance period of the engine can be up to 120,000 km.

Drive axle

T5G product is equipped with MCY13 series single reduction drive axles which are provided with the final drive with reasonable structure and good bearing stiffness, thus, the gear life can be prolonged effectively. The final drive bevel gear is made of Oerlikon gear which boasts high processing efficiency. The final drive and hub conical bearings are of famous international brands, and are characterized by low friction, less noise and long life. And the hub bearing applies bearing unit which features easy assembly, long service life and convenient maintenance. In addition, the input shaft is supported by tapered roller bearing and the through shaft is equipped with double row bearing. The lightweight press welding axle housing has reasonable structure and high strength. Disc brake and drum brake are optional and can achieve high braking performance. Moreover, Oil filter is provided to ensure the cleanliness of gear oil and prolong the life of gears and bearings. Bogie differential lock is provided as standard configuration and inter-wheel differential lock is optional.


T5G product is equipped with high-strength frame made of high-strength material. The steel pipe type frame has the first front crossmember with high torsional strength. The front towing hook and cross member apply integrated design. In addition, finite element analysis has been made to optimize the design, which not only ensures the frame strength but also reduces its deadweight.

Other parts

T5G product adopts critical valves all of which, manufactured by WABCO, have high performance and reliability and follow the same technical requirements as those in Europe. The nylon pipe joint and related components are all the 230 quick couplings manufactured by VOSS. The quick couplings have excellent sealing property and thus ensure the safety of the brake system reliably. The intake duct and air filter of the intake system are arranged in combination with MAN technology, presenting beautiful and simple style. And the exhaust pipe is made of steel pipe with diameter of 110 mm, which not only ensures the exhaust performance but also reduces the cost. In addition, the metal hose is Westfalia product which has good flexibility. The tractor truck is provided with lightweight 400 L aluminum alloy fuel tank as standard configuration. Moreover, all T5G products apply traditional electrical system structure which features convenient service and maintenance and high reliability.

Product lineup

Tractor trucks, cargo trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks, etc. and other special-purpose trucks modified from their chassis, with driving modes of 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4, etc., and engine power ranging from 140 PS to 336 PS.