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TAN Xuguang: to Satisfy the Market Demands at All Costs
Column:Corporation News   Release time:2020/4/3 15:03:37

At 15:30 of March 24th, TAN Xuguang, Chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, paid an on-site research to SINOTRUK Jinan Truck Co., Ltd (Jinan Truck)located in Dang Jia Zhuang, Jinan and delivered a mobilization order to all cadres and employees.

On onsite Segment 1 of assembly workshop, TAN Xuguang looked over and inquired the production organization and quality control of HOWO heavy truck and underlined that market opportunity mustn’t be missed, instead it should be satisfied at all costs in a manner of “make one day as efficient as two and a half days”, so as to overcome difficulties, surpass competitors and win the market.

TAN Xuguang listened to the report made by the management of Jinan Truck and demanded that all cadres and employees satisfy customer requirements at all costs, build a well-recognized high-end brand, and create first-class quality in all respects.

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