China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as “SINOTRUK”), originally founded as Jinan Auto Works in 1930, boasts a brand development history of nearly a century along with a deep-rooted brand heritage. It has witnessed the remarkable growth of the national heavy-duty truck industry, from its humble origins to its current prominence. It is the inheritor and practitioner of the spirit of the Yellow River—“Moving forward and striving for self-improvement”.SINOTRUK is mainly engaged in researching, developing, producing, and selling various types of heavy trucks, special purpose vehicles, special vehicles, and assemblies like engines, transmissions, axles as well as other automotive components. With a full lineup of commercial vehicle brands, including HUANGHE, SITRAK, and HOWO, SINOTRUK has solidified its position as one of the leading heavy-duty truck enterprises in China, covering the most extensive range of driving modes and power options.Guided by the core value of “We aim at customers’ satisfaction”, SINOTRUK aspires to build a world-class group with whole series of commercial vehicles. To achieve this corporate vision, SINOTRUK is proactively accelerating its pace of independent innovation, consistently enhancing investment in research and development, attracting top-notch technical professionals, fostering an environment for initiative and entrepreneurship, and cultivating a high-end and nationally independent brand image recognized as the epitome of “the pillars of a great power”.

Corporate Brand


极智节油 赚赢未来

德系品质 智享未来

欧系经典 品质传承

豪沃轻卡 赚钱有道

Service Brand

  The "Qinren" service brand was established in 1999 as SINOTRUKs exclusive after-sales service brand and the first service brand in the domestic heavy truck industry. It focuses on customer needs and fulfills service commitments. It is committed to providing customers with more convenient, efficient, and high-quality value-added service experience, embodying SINOTRUKs strong sense of responsibility and mission towards complete vehicle after-sales service.