Tan Xuguang: Winning the Supply Chain Upgrade War is Imperative

On the basis of extensive research in the previous global market, on June 27, Tan Xuguang presided over the Shandong Heavy Industry Group supply chain management work conference in Jinan and delivered a speech, focusing on comprehensively winning the hard battle toward world-class supply chain competitiveness, focusing on analyzing the outstanding contradictions of supply chain management with the spirit of self-denial, and focusing on activating new quality productivity with a new supply chain. Firmly shoulder the role of 'chain master', chain global partners to build a win-win situation, and work together to build an efficient, win-win, safe and sustainable new supply chain system.

Tan Xuguang made a speech:

The strategic significance of building a world-class supply chain system

Activate new quality productivity with new supply chain 

Four strategic transformations of the Group's new supply chain

❖Transition from a buyer-seller relationship to a strategic community

❖Transform from cost-driven to customer value-driven

❖Transition from 'fire-fighting' procurement to positive and systematic planning

❖Transform from traditional procurement models to smart supply chains

Six key tasks of the Group's future supply chain management

The meeting released Shandong Heavy Industry Group's new supply chain to build a win-win 'ten principles' and supply chain integrity 'ten red lines'.

Shandong Heavy Industry Group and domestic and foreign supplier representatives respectively signed the new supply chain 'ten principles' for win-win and supply chain integrity 'ten red lines' commitment.

Shandong Heavy Industry Group headquarters middle and senior management, the relevant management of ownership companies, all levels of procurement departments and international and domestic supplier representatives attended the meeting, a total of more than 2,100 people online and offline.