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重汽济专 重汽济专

Lvye, established in 1980s, is one of the special-purpose vehicle brands of Sinotruk. It has been recognized as “Famous Trademark of Jinan City” and “Famous Trademark of Shandong Province” and has far-reaching influence in landscape and sanitation industries. So far, the products have covered a dozen series of four major lines, namely sanitation, refrigeration and insulation, hazardous chemicals and engineering, consisting of over 200 types of special-purpose vehicles, including sprinklers, washing and sweeping vehicles, refrigeration and insulation vehicles, oil filling (transporting) vehicles, dump trucks etc. The company integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales services, possesses advanced special-purpose vehicle production equipment in China and has independently designed advanced special vehicle production lines which are leading in China, and has extensive brand influence and excellent market reputation in the industry.

青岛重工 青岛重工

Qingzhuan, established in 1980s, is one of the special-purpose vehicle brands of Sinotruk, and the “Qingzhuan” trademark has been recognized as a China Well-known Trademark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China. The products cover more than 300 varieties of heavy-duty engineering vehicles, special-purpose vehicles and special vehicles in dump truck, construction, sanitation and logistics series, as well as more than 50 varieties of key assembly parts such as hydraulic lifting system of heavy-duty dump trucks, which have been widely used in many fields such as construction, municipal sanitation, airport, logistics and military industries. The company continues to seek the upgrading of intelligent product technology, lead the lightweight development of special-purpose vehicles to provide logistics equipment and logistics solutions that deliver maximum returns for customers at home and abroad, and build a “safer, more fuel-efficient and efficient” special-purpose vehicle brand.

五岳 五岳

Wuyue, established in 1988, is one of the special-purpose vehicle brands of Sinotruk, including three categories of products: special-purpose vehicle, special vehicle and special equipment, which mainly include special-purpose vehicle chassis, fire engines and trailers. The company has the professional design and production capability for a full range of oilfield special chassis with driving forms ranging from 4×2 to 14×10. In the R&D and production of high-end fire engine products, it can provide fire engine products of more than 20 specifications in three categories: tanks, emergency rescue and lifting. Wuyue products are sold in many provinces in China and are exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, America and other countries and regions, winning recognition and praise from markets and users at home and abroad.

湖北华威 湖北华威

Huawin is one of the special-purpose vehicle brands of SINOTRUK, with the products including: Dump trucks, tank trucks, vans, stake trucks, sanitation trucks, truck cranes, engineering maintenance vehicles, washing and sweeping vehicles, wreckers, vehicle-mounted mobile elevating work platforms, powder tankers, cement mixer trucks, etc. The company is capable of the R&D, manufacturing, sales (including exporting) and service of special-purpose vehicles. In January 2018, the modified trucks of “Huawin” dump series and tank series were awarded as Hubei Famous Brand products. In January 2020, the modified trucks of “Huawin” dump series was granted the “First Gold Award for Product Quality in Suizhou City” by Suizhou Quality Association, and in August 2023, it was honored as the national “SRDI Giant Enterprise”. The products are sold throughout China, and at the same time exported to Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, Russia, Australia and other countries and regions as the company accelerates the pace of globalization, aiming at providing users with more professional service experience.

柳州运力 柳州运力

As one of the special-purpose vehicle brands of Sinotruk, its main products of Yunli brand include all types of special-purpose vehicles and special equipment, including tank truck series, dump truck series, semi-trailer series, sanitation truck series, agriculture and animal husbandry series and snow sweeper series, of which the production and sales volumes have ranked among the top in the same industry in China. With the continuous expansion of sales channels and the continuous improvement of after-sales service quality, the company has basically realized the national distribution strategy, covering Southwest China and radiating to Southeast Asia. At the same time, the products of this brand have begun to take a good market share in emerging markets such as Africa and the Middle East.