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豪沃轻卡 豪沃轻卡

As the leading brand of the light-duty truck industry, HOWO Light-duty Truck mainly has two major product series: Hanjiang and Tongshuai, covering many transportation scenarios such as cold chain, green channel (for unimpeded transport of fresh farm products) and express delivery. The independently developed and first launched AMT and AT light-duty trucks have won consistent praise from the industry. The Hanjiang series are classic models with a high price-performance ratio, which are compliant, light-weight, efficient and reliable and can satisfy the operation needs of urban and intercity logistics; while the Tongshuai series integrate the leading truck technology of Europe to produce high-end light-duty trucks for urban logistics in strict accordance with international standards. HOWO Light-duty Truck will continue to be user-oriented, provide more intelligent, reliable, efficient and cost-effective light and medium-duty truck products and lead the innovative development of the industry.

重汽王牌 重汽王牌

Sinotruk Wangpai is a medium and high-end light-duty truck brand specially built by Sinotruk Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle for engineering construction and logistics transportation, which has three major product series: V1, V2 and V3, covering dump trucks, cargo trucks, pure electric vehicles, hydrogen fueled, hybrid and other special-purpose vehicles. In June 2011, the first Sinotruk Wangpai 7 truck rolled off the assembly line. In March 2012, the first batch of 15 Sinotruk Wangpai electric sprinklers were delivered to Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Forestry and Landscape for trial operation. At present, the sales volume of Sinotruk Wangpai light-duty trucks has far exceeded 600,000, and the products are well sold in China and nearly 50 regions abroad. “Wangpai lives up to your trust”, Sinotruk Wangpai light-duty trucks, guided by core market needs and maximizing customer benefits, can be customized according to specific operating conditions, and lead the industry with high chassis bearing capacity and reliability, which has won praise and recognition from customers.

豪曼 豪曼

The brand Homan was created in 2010, and is committed to providing users with integrated logistics and transportation solutions. The products consist of cargo trucks, dump trucks, special-purpose vehicles, NEVs and other types of vehicles, which have the characteristics of high reliability, cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety and intelligence. With the expansion of the global market, the products are sold in China and more than 110 countries in the world. With its excellent product quality and extensive brand recognition, it has great influence in the medium and light-duty truck industry and has been recognized by customers.