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黄河 黄河

The brand Yellow River is positioned as a high-end luxury brand of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinotruk), which is the innovative technology leader of national heavy-duty trucks. In 1960, Sinotruk manufactured the first heavy-duty truck in China - Yellow River JN150 cargo truck with a payload of 8 tons, ending the history that China could not manufacture heavy-duty trucks. On May 4 of the same year, Chairman Mao Zedong visited Jinan, he saw the prototype truck and spoke highly of it. On January 11, 1966, Zhu De, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, inscribed the brand name “Yellow River” for the truck. In the early period of socialist construction, the “Yellow River” truck enjoyed a good reputation all over the country, made great contributions to economic development and national defense development of China, and became one of the symbolic achievements of the Chinese nation in self-reliance and hard work. In 2020, Sinotruk launched a new generation of Yellow River heavy-duty trucks, which is positioned as a high-end flagship product for trunk logistics and transportation, pioneering the new development direction of domestic high-end heavy-duty trucks. In 2023, four authoritative organizations at home and abroad respectively issued certificates or gave statements for the Yellow River X7 due to its wind resistance coefficient as low as 0.349Cd. The total weight of the Yellow River 6×4 heavy-duty truck is 49 tons, which has challenged the longest traveling distance of 4,871.18 kilometers with a single filling of oil, breaking the Guinness world record and once again demonstrating the confidence and strength of “Made in China”.

汕德卡 汕德卡

SITRAK is a co-brand of high-end heavy-duty trucks created by Sinotruk and MAN (a German company) in 2009, and the trucks are sold in China and more than 50 countries and regions around the world. SITRAK products include two series, C and G, covering tractors, cargo trucks, construction vehicles and various special-purpose vehicles with a wide range of vehicle types. It is a pioneer in China’s high-end heavy-duty truck industry and has characteristics of high reliability, cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety and intelligence. In January 2013, SITRAK C7H, the first mass produced model, rolled off the assembly line, marking that China’s heavy-duty trucks entered the rank of internationally advanced heavy-duty trucks. In the past ten years since its listing, its quality and service have been recognized by customers, and the sales volume has exceeded 250,000 trucks, meaning that it continues to lead the development of the high-end heavy-duty truck industry.

豪沃重卡 豪沃重卡

HOWO, as one of the core heavy-duty truck brands of Sinotruk, has become the vane of heavy-duty truck industry in China in view of its excellent product quality and extensive brand influence. On October 28, 2004, the first HOWO heavy-duty truck rolled off the assembly line in Jinan, which marked that China’s heavy-duty truck technology began to align with the technology of internationally advanced heavy-duty trucks. On December 13, 2017, the cumulative sales of HOWO heavy-duty trucks exceeded 1 million. At present, HOWO has five product series: TH7, MAX, TX7, MATE and NX, with the models covering all segmented markets such as tractors, cargo trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks and special-purpose vehicles. It has become the commercial truck brand with the largest number of products and the most complete product lines in China, and has played an important role in national infrastructure construction and economic booming.

重汽成都 重汽成都

Sinotruk Chengdu is a brand-new medium and high-end medium and heavy-duty truck brand built by Sinotruk Chengdu Wangpai Commercial Vehicle based on HOWO V Series. At present, it has two major product series, V7-X heavy-duty truck and V5-X medium-duty truck, covering all segmented markets such as cargo trucks, construction trucks, tractors, mixer trucks and special-purpose vehicles. In August 2021, a new generation of heavy-duty truck Chengdu V7-X was launched; In September, pure electric models of the same series were launched. Up to now, in addition to traditional fuel vehicles, Sinotruk Chengdu has completed the layout of a full range of new energy products for all applications, including NG clean energy, pure electric, hydrogen fueled, hybrid, methanol extended range and other fueled models. With the advantages of “strong power, efficient operation, safety and intelligence, ultra-low energy consumption”, the products are widely used in ports, steel mills, construction, muck transportation, commercial concrete transportation, road transportation and other fields, in order to promote the high-quality development of new energy heavy-duty trucks, build a green and low-carbon transportation system with the label “Made in Chengdu”